About Voymus

Voymus was born in Alicante with the aim of helping all those who decide to put the search of all types of properties in the hands of professionals.

After observing the different chances that sellers have to offer their properties on the market (real estate agencies, web platforms, etc.), we wondered: why does not the buyer have the same opportunities?

That was exactly the reason why we created Voymus, a team that, through the leading figure of the Property Finder, will always safeguard the interests of those who look for acquiring or renting a new property, creating and adapting the supply to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Always focused on fulfilling the wishes of our clients, we offer a personalized service that, in conjunction with our professionalism and experience in the real estate sector, allows us to find exactly what they demand.

Our mission

To provide a professional, personalized and accessible service that allows to find, both individuals and professionals, the property that meets their needs and requirements.

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Our team

Voymus is formed by: Economists, Architects, licensed in Tourism, Business Administration and Management, and experts in Real Estate Appraisals and Valuations.

As professionals with wide experience in the real estate sector, we perfectly know the movements of the market through the different aspects that influence it. That allows us to find the ideal product for each one of our clients.