Advisory and Consulting

At Voymus we are different because we constantly adapt our services to the needs of our clients. Therefore, thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we also offer specialised consulting and advisory services so that SMEs, freelancers and individuals obtain the best results in the development of their professional activity and/or personal interests.

We guarantee commitment, security and confidence.

We put at your disposal all our professionalism and more than 30 years of experience, with specialised services according to your needs, in advisory and consulting fields.


Through our advisory services we detect possible problems and errors that appear in the organisation's activity and we establish areas of improvement, helping to implement a system of procedures and internal control.

In addition, we provide information regarding legality and its compliance, pursuing tax, accounting and labour optimization as local standardisation.

Voymus Advisory and Consulting

Accounting advisory

  • Analysis of accounting and administrative management
  • Preparation of financial and accounting statements, annual accounts, individual and consolidated according to regulations
  • Financial and costs analysis
  • Thorough analysis of balances
  • Implementation of a system of procedures and internal control for the correct decision making and the optimization of the organisation's potential

Tax advisory

  • Tax management to deal with company's ordinary responsibilities
  • Planning, one-time operations and reorganisation projects
  • Appeals and economic-administrative complaints
  • Assistance in revision and tax inspection procedures
  • Assistance in the preparation of documentation related to linked operations

Labour advisory

  • Planning and advice
  • Preparation of payslips and social insurances
  • Recruitment
  • Complaints and appeal
  • Assistance in Labour Inspection and Social Security
  • Labour Force Adjustment Plan
  • Assistance in negotiation and extrajudicial dispute resolutions

Commercial advisory

  • Legalisation of official books
  • Deposit of Annual Accounts
  • Minute Books, Certifications
  • Notary assistance to probate social agreements and other specific issues

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Through our consulting services, we intend to go in depth inside the company, studying and analyzing the situation in order to make proposals to improve and optimize the management in all fields.

The approach is to manage, through the implementation of tools, to cooperate in the development of the business plan and to propose new strategic objectives to get the best results for the company.

Voymus Consulting and Advisory

At Voymus we intend to connect the advisory services, with which problems and errors that appear in the organisation's activity are also detected, with those of consulting. In this way, we solve the different needs by executing actions and services previously established in an action plan agreed with the entrepreneur.

Financial consulting

  • Business diagnosis
  • Business plans and viability
  • Special needs planning
  • Financing strategies
  • External financing research

Strategic consulting

  • Expansion plans
  • Strategic management
  • Process engineering
  • Business reorganisation
  • Investments
  • Belonging to Board of Directors
  • Company valuation
  • Assistance in buying and selling companies and negotiation

Marketing and Commercial management

  • Planning and implementation of marketing strategies
  • Brand positioning
  • Communication and social media management
  • Attracting new clients
  • SEO/SEM positioning
  • Advertising

Intellectual and industrial property

  • Registration of trademarks and patents on a national, European and international level
  • Licences and/or assignments of industrial property rights to third parties
  • Control over registered rights to prevent and avoid any type of infringement or violation

Real estate sector

  • Planning and assistance in buying, selling and managing real estate projects
  • Advice and management of real estate developments
  • External financing research
  • Sale of real estate developments to investors and/or privates
  • Management of tourist apartments

Due diligence

In the event that a company intends to buy or invest in another organisation, it is recommended to make an in-depth study in order to evaluate all aspects that affect the operation.

Due diligence is the process of analysis and collection of all the necessary information to establish the economic and financial situation of the company, as well as the real risks that it has.

By creating a detailed study about the different business areas, we intend to minimize the risks that are implicit in an operation of this type. In this way, we help the interested party to determine the final convenience of the sale agreement.

                          • Financial review
                          • Accounting review
                          • Commercial review
                          • Legal review
                          • Technological review