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Our services are designed with the aim of allowing our clients for finding the property that best adapts to their needs and requirements.

If you dream of buying or renting any type of property, at Voymus we help you to get it.

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Which steps do we follow?


  We look for and visit properties for you

After exactly knowing what you need, we look for the properties that meet your requirements through all available channels; and we visit them.


  We send you reports about the properties that we have visited

We make complete reports about each property that we have visited. In them, you will be able to find a detailed description, as well as plans, photos, 360 degree images and videos.


  We accompany you to visit the properties that you select

We will visit with you the properties that you select.


  We confirm that the selected property is in optimal conditions

Once you choose the property of your dreams, we check that it and its surroundings are free of charges, as well as in perfect conditions. Thus, we avoid any possible problem or unpleasant surprise.


  We negotiate on your behalf the price of the property

After checking that the property does not have any type of charge, we will negotiate on your behalf its price in order to obtain the best conditions for you.


  We check the deed of sale and we accompany you to the public notary

We check the deed of sale/rental contract. In addition, we will be at your side at the moment of the signing.


  We advise you on all the processes after buying/renting a property

As an extra service, and whenever you request it, we will advise you on any type of procedure after the purchase of your new property, such as: changes in ownership, delivery of licenses and documents to public bodies, etc.

Do you need professional advisory?

Why hire our services?

You will save time

Forget about visiting properties that are not what you are looking for; or about spending hours, days and even weeks, looking at property listings that do not impress you. We will do it for you.

You will save money

Our experience in the real estate sector, as well as carrying out several market studies, will allow us to negotiate and to reduce the price of the property that you want.

No conflict of interest

Unlike what happens with traditional real estate agencies, we will always defend the interests of the buyer.


Security and guarantees

We will check the legal and urban situation of the property in order to avoid any kind of negative surprise.

Do you want us to remodel your new property?

Sell and buy

Do you need to sell your current property to launch yourself into a new adventure? At Voymus we help you!

We will support and advise you with buying and selling operations simultaneously.

And remember, we will always be by your side.

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