Why should you choose the Costa Blanca?

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Why should you choose the Costa Blanca?

Do you want to buy a second home in Spain but you still don't know where? Are you looking for the perfect location to enjoy your retirement?

Below we explain why the Costa Blanca is the destination you need:

  • High profitability in housing

The province of Alicante offers one of the highest rates of return, in Spain, to rent a property all year long.

  • Quality of life

The quality of life in the Costa Blanca is excellent thanks to its weather, landscapes, low costs, cuisine, cultural wealth or leisure activities, among others. To establish your residence in this area will allow you to enjoy a peaceful and stress-free life.

  • More than 300 sunny days a year

Its mild climate, with an average annual temperature of 18ºC, as well as its rare precipitations, make the province of Alicante a very attractive destination for both tourist and residential activity.

  • Coast

With more than 200km of beaches, coves and cliffs, the Costa Blanca is the Spanish destination with the highest number of blue flags, thanks to the quality of its waters, security, facilities and services.

  • Mountains and natural parks

The province of Alicante, in spite of being known specially for its coast, is one of the most mountainous in Spain. Its marvelous natural parks, mountains and lagoons, provide a unique wealth in species and biodiversity.

  • Cuisine

As Ferran Adrià said: "Alicante, and its province, is the best area of Spain to eat". Its rices, stews, shellfish, fishes, nougats and the olive oil, among others, made up of the traditional and healthy cuisine from Alicante, based on the Mediterranean diet.


Come and enjoy. Choose Costa Blanca.


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