Functions and fees Property Finder

Functions and fees of a Property Finder

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What is a Property Finder? For those who still do not know it, a Property Finder is a professional who exclusively represents the buyer party in a real estate transaction. He/she always watches over the interests of his/her client, saving him/her time and money, and providing security and guarantees. A Property Finder has very defined […]

Voymus Why Should You Buy a Home

Why should you buy a home?

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After overcoming the recent financial crisis, the real-estate market continues its recovery process. It has been a complicated period for the housing sector, but at present, the volume of buy/sell transactions chains months of increase, surpassing the numbers of 2017. The current favourable conditions are a key factor in the growth of the real-estate market. […]

Voymus Why Should You Hire a Property Finder

Why should you hire a Property Finder?

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In recent years, the leading figure of the Property Finder -native to the United States of America- has been gaining strength in our country, becoming an indispensable element in real estate transactions. The main goal of our professionals is to safeguard the interests of the buyer; looking for and visiting the properties that meet his/her […]