Functions and fees of a Property Finder

Functions and fees Property Finder

Functions and fees of a Property Finder

What is a Property Finder?

For those who still do not know it, a Property Finder is a professional who exclusively represents the buyer party in a real estate transaction. He/she always watches over the interests of his/her client, saving him/her time and money, and providing security and guarantees.

A Property Finder has very defined functions that allow him/her to pursue at all times his/her main objective: to find the best property with the best possible conditions.

Functions and services

  • With you from beginning to end

On his/her client's side througout the purchasing process.

His/her work begins with the search and visit of the properties, but it does not end there. The Property Finder confirms that the selected real estate is in optimal conditions and free of charges, negotiates on behalf of the buyer the price of the property, checks the deed of sale and accompanies him/her to the public notary. He/she even advises his/her client on all the post-purchase processes.

  • Search among all available properties on the market

As an independent professional, he/she is not linked to other real estate agencies. He/she is totally free to find exactly what the buyer needs among all the available supply, regardless of who the seller is.

  • Previous visits

He/she personally visits the real estates that meet his/her client's requirements, saving him/her time.

The buyer is who decides which ones wants to see based on what has been previously shown by the Property Finder.

  • No conflict of interest

He/she exclusively defends the buyer, commiting by contract to not receive any commission from third parties.

It is very simple, if the agent earns external commissions, he will not offer you what you are really looking for, but what benefits him/her the most. Remember, if there is a conflict of interest, he/she is not a Property Finder.

  • Adapting to you

A Property Finder stands out for his/her availability and flexibility. He/she adapts to the needs of his/her clients, both in the services offered and in the attention schedule.


  • Fees previously agreed by contract

First of all, it is essential to know the interests of the buyer, as well as to analyse the search and services that are going to be offered. Once these aspects are clear, fixed fees will be calculated and signed by contract.

  • Say goodbye to commissions

A Property Finder always wants to offer transparency and guarantees to his/her clients. After all, as already mentioned, his/her main objective is to find the perfect property for the buyer, with the best possible conditions.

If the fees are based on a percentage of the purchase value, the agent will commit conflict of interest, considering that, the higher the price is, the greater his/her profit will be.

  • Representing and defending his/her clients

The fees include the exclusive representation and defense of the buyer's interests.

Some real estate agencies claim to offer some of these services, although without charging anything to the buyer. So, who pays for them? Other of the parties implicated. If that is the case, the agent will not access to all the available supply on the market. Properties offered by individuals or realtors, who do not share their commission, will be removed from the search, or prices will be raised with hidden charges.

Make sure they look out for you.

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