Voymus At what age do we leave home in Spain

At what age do we leave home in Spain?

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According to the latest Continuous Household Survey carried out by the National Statistics Institute (INE), the average age of emancipation in Spain continues to increase, reaching 29 years. The data show that, in 2018, 53.1% of young people between 25-29 years old lived in their parents’ house, which demonstrate a growth in relation to the […]

Voymus Why Should You Buy a Home

Why should you buy a home?

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After overcoming the recent financial crisis, the real-estate market continues its recovery process. It has been a complicated period for the housing sector, but at present, the volume of buy/sell transactions chains months of increase, surpassing the numbers of 2017. The current favourable conditions are a key factor in the growth of the real-estate market. […]

Voymus Why Should You Hire a Property Finder

Why should you hire a Property Finder?

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In recent years, the leading figure of the Property Finder -native to the United States of America- has been gaining strength in our country, becoming an indispensable element in real estate transactions. The main goal of our professionals is to safeguard the interests of the buyer; looking for and visiting the properties that meet his/her […]