Why should you buy a home?

Voymus Why Should You Buy a Home

Reasons why you should consider to buy a home

After overcoming the recent financial crisis, the real-estate market continues its recovery process. It has been a complicated period for the housing sector, but at present, the volume of buy/sell transactions chains months of increase, surpassing the numbers of 2017.

The current favourable conditions are a key factor in the growth of the real-estate market. Thanks to this, more and more people are now acquiring what will be their new home.

Here you have some of the reasons why you should also consider buying a home:

  • A property is a long-term investment

A property is always a good deal to bet on. Even though, at first, it requires a big economic effort, with the passage of time you will get the expected benefits. You will be able to forget about paying a monthly rent, and, in case of sale or renting, you will get an extra capital income.

It is important to highlight that, currently, the profitability of this type of property is much greater than that of other assets.

  • More profitable than renting

Due to the increase that are undergoing rental prices in recent times, it may be cheaper to pay a mortgage than a rent. In addition, the main advantage lies in the fact that the money invested will be allocated towards the payment of your own home instead of other people's property that you will never have.

On the other hand, you will be able to do what you consider opportune with your property. Regarding decorations or remodelling, you will not have limitations, being able to adapt it to your tastes and needs without any type of restriction by third parties.

  • Greater security

A property will allow you to have greater security, both economic and personal.

For young people, the acquisition of their new home makes easier for them to plan their future with bigger confidence. Furthermore, this opens the possibility to create a family, among other aspects.

Regarding older people, a property provides greater tranquillity, since it is a patrimony for their future and that of their heirs.

  • Price continue to increase

The real-estate market continues to grow. Currently, investing in a property will allow you to obtain benefits if you want to sell it or rent it in the future.

  • Attractive supply

If we talk about new buildings, we can observe that the materials used are of higher quality than in the past. In the same way, new technologies and innovation are utilised.

  • Larger granting of credits

In the last months, banking entities have been increasing the credit progressively, which facilitates the access to a property for those who need external financing.


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