Differences between Property Finder and Real Estate Agency

Voymus Differences between Property Finder and Real Estate Agency

For a long time, anyone who wanted to acquire a property had two options to find it.

On the one hand, the first and most common: the interested party should face a long and tedious search process in order to be able, after months, or even years of effort, to find the home that best adapted to his/her needs.

On the other hand, there was the option of trusting real estate agencies that offered, within their list of properties, something similar, but not exactly the same, to what he/she was looking for.

Through the latter, the buyer had to accept the possibility that the final price could be increased due to commissions that concerned him/her as well as the seller. In the same way, throughout this process, the interested party did not feel supported at any time by the real estate agent, who incurred conflict of interest when defending, at the same time, those of the seller, those of the buyer and, even , those in his/her own.

However, in recent years, the figure of the Property Finder has begun to excel in Spain, an agent that defends exclusively the interests of the buyer party and that is very widespread in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Canada, among others. The objective of this consultant is to find for each of his/her clients the property that best meets his/her needs.



Property Finder

  • Exclusively defends the interests of the buyer
  • Does not have a list of properties
  • Fees previously agreed by contract
  • Advises, helps and negotiates on behalf of the buyer party
  • Visits the properties before showing them virtually to his/her client, who decides which real estate wants to see or not
  • Makes complete reports of the properties and provides everything needed to save time to the buyer
  • Searches among all available real estates in the market

Real estate agency

  • Conflict of interest because of being in the middle of the operation
  • Has a list of properties
  • Commission based on the sale/purchase price
  • Offers, basically, an intermediation service between the parties
  • Visits the properties in the company of the interested party, which implies a waste of time for him/her in case the real estate is not what he/she expected
  • Provides basic information about the real estates of its supply
  • Limited supply based on its list of properties

The purchase of a property is a very important operation that requires a great investment and effort, both economic and time.

Therefore, if you are thinking about acquiring a property, we invite you to trust specialised professionals who can help and advise you throughout the purchase process.

With Voymus, save time, money, and forget about worries.